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prosperityIn 1779, the schooner Prosperity sailed the high seas. Commissioned by a young continental congress, wıth 6 guns & at twenty tons, she sailed under a Letter of Marque for patriotism and profit. Look lively, because with contextual and alternate glyph sets (contextual glyphs, alternate lower case glyphs and an extended set of alternate capitals, this robust typeface is as inspiring as her namesake and adapts to whatever winds may blow.  Prosperity is designed as a free-flowing script, for a spontaneous and historic aesthetic.


Well suited for headlines, packaging and display applications, AE Prosperity will be a robust and versatile addition to your script library.  It’s purposefully designed to infer the visual connections of letters for a hand-lettered feel. Some characters will connect, and others will guide your eye to the next letter form, making it highly legible.

Contextual glyphs include variations on tt (short and longbar), t longbar, ll, cc and other characters.  Contextual features change ascender heights and descender styles.

Alternate glyphs (set 1) include variations on b,d,f,g,h,l,o,p,r,s,t,y.  Alternate capitals (set 2) include a complete set of alternate upper case letters.

In OpenType-aware applications, multiple variations of letter combinations can be achieved by selecting Contextual glyphs, and/or set 1 and set 2 from the Character Palette: OpenType: Stylistic Sets menu. Alternate glyphs and contextual characters will be available based on the OpenType support of your application.

The font includes over 370 glyphs, and reads easily in short phrases or in long text. It includes Western European, Central European Baltic, Turkish and Romanian character sets in addition to the OpenType alternate and contextual glyphs.

AE Prosperity™ is available exclusively in OpenType format.  It is the latest addition to the Altered Ego family of OpenType fonts, which include Veritas™, Verve™ and the Eclectic Series of icon fonts.


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